Your application will be processed within 2 business days from when we receive the completed, signed application and required documentation.  We will send you The Intake Budget Form and request that you provide a copy of your lease and monthly bills.  This will allow us to create a budget specific to your needs.      

​The following forms and documents are required to get started.  

  • New Client Application
  • Guardianship Agreement / Paperwork
  • Picture ID
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if possible)
  • ​Copy of Social Security Card (if possible)

How do I get started?

(740) 263-7970

What is required to get started? 

I have submitted my application and required documentation, now what? 

​Best Payments

Payee Services

New Client Pack

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we have created a New Client Pack.  This pack, which you can download below, includes the New Client Application, Authorization for Services and a Designation of Authorized Representative Form.   If you would like to sign up for Best Payments Payee Services, please print and complete the forms below.          

Once your application has been approved by the Social Security Administration, you will receive a welcome pack.  The welcome pack contains helpful hints about working with a payee service and forms you may need in the future.  It also contains a copy of your budget.   If you would like to have a meeting to go over your budget we would be happy to schedule it once we receive notice from Social Security on when the payee services will start.   

Best Payments Services Brochure

Please download our brochure for additional information.