By collaborating with the Social Security Administration, Best Payments Payee Services provides a safety net for you and your loved one.  

Often times, there can be a lack of basic financial knowledge about paying bills and budgeting due to a physical, mental or developmental disability.  It can be overwhelming for our loved ones to determine how to spend their money while ensuring their basic needs such as housing, utilities, food, and medical care are prioritized.  

At Best Payments, we will work with you, your loved one, support administrators, case workers and residential services to set up a budget ensuring rent and utilities are paid on time.  We will provide spending money as agreed upon when we set up your initial budget.  You can also request additional funds at any time for unexpected expenses. We will also provide monthly reports detailing income, expenses and available funds to you and your support team.  

​Best Payments

Payee Services

Monthly Reporting

Best Payments will provide monthly reporting to you, your support administrators, direct care staff / agency and your loved ones detailing income, expenses, savings and available funds. 

The report can be emailed, faxed, or sent standard mail.  

When Someone is Unsure or Unable to Manage Their Money ...


We treat everyone as an individual and will work with your team to provide options to best serve the needs and abilities of each client and their budget.  

One of the options we provide is how your spending money will be made available to you. Our options include a check or a Debit Card or in some cases ACH Credits to your personal bank or debit card.   

You can also decide how often you would like to receive your spending money.  We offer weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly options to best fit your needs.    


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What are your Priorities?  

JFS Authorized Representative

Department of Job and Family Services

You can extend your payee services with Best Payments and designate us as your Authorized Rep with JFS.  Many clients take advantage of having Best Payments as their payee and JFS Authorized Rep because some of the reporting requirements and obligations overlap.    You can decide and add this optional service at any time.   


Certified Money Management Provider

Best Payments is certified with Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide Money Management Services.    

Money management includes a broad range of tasks determined necessary in the individual service plan for those with I/O, Level 1 and Self Waivers.  

Please contact Best Payments for additional information if you have an ISP through your local Board of Developmental Disabilities.   


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