Our Story

Our story starts with being the parents of a special needs son, Andrew.  When Andrew moved into his own apartment we experienced a different part of the 'system'.  Up until that point, most of Andrew's services were managed by the local county Board of Development Disabilities and worked well.  

When Andrew moved out, things changed.  We learned there were independent companies and organizations to manage the Social Security benefits.  These organizations were to pay monthly bills for rent, utilities and to provide spending money for discretionary spending.  Our experience was terrifying.  

Rent was not paid on time, incurring late fees. Utilities were not paid and no spending money was made available to purchase necessities like deodorant, toilet paper, shampoo and tooth paste.  Social Security was sending the benefits to the Payee Company.  The company did not answer calls or return emails.  There was no communication or accessible records.   

Having worked in payment processing for years, we knew there had to be a better way.  We wanted the Social Security benefits to be managed in order to provide the best possible environment for Andrew.  That's when we decided EVERYONE deserves the quality and commitment of Best Payments.


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Did You Know?

1 in 23 people with a disability will be a victim of theft of cash or personal property this year.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statics

We Provide Stability 

Best Payments provides a monthly bill payment service that distributes your income to pay for rent, utilities, groceries, medical expense, and other basic needs.   Best Payments provides stability and a safety net for you and your loves ones.  


What Is A Payee Service? 

A payee service is an individual or organization appointed or approved by the Social Security Administration to receive benefits for someone who cannot manage or direct someone else to manage their money.  

At Best Payments We Will

* Make paying your bills on time a priority.  

* Set up a budget and meet regularly to review it.  

* Treat you with respect.  

* Inform you of your rights

* Provide reporting of income, expenses and available funds.  

* Guarantee - No More Late Fees  * rules apply

* Provide superior customer service.  

* Provide options to meet your needs.  

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Our Services

Andrew 33 Years

​Best Payments

Payee Services

Why Choose Best Payments?

We Have Experience - Our staff has over 35 years of bill payment processing expertise.  

We Understand - Our company was founded by the parents of a special needs child.  

We Have Been There Our staff has personal experience with incompetent payee services.

We Promise - We will answer or return your calls and emails within 2 business days.    

We Offer Options - We provide options to best service the needs and abilities of each client.

We Guarantee - If a bill is not paid on time, Best Payments will pay the late fee.   ​*rules apply